2 years ago I purchased an Emachines computer for my son. Overall it has worked well for him and done the job. The OS crashed here not to long ago.

If you look on the side of the computer there is a long number on a certification decal issued by Microsoft. It proves without doubt that I own and have the right to use use a copy of MS Vista Home.

Microsoft sells licenses to computer manufactures in large blocks and gives them the right to resale as installed software on a new machine. When you purchase a new computer that license is contained in the key on the decal. You own that Key # copy of that OS.

Emachines is refusing to supply me the software I already own. They are insisting I pay them money to get the software I already own. I told the nice gentleman at the other side of the on-line chat to have a Merry Christmas and that I was going to have roast beef for dinner.

You shouldn't have to pay to get something you already own.

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I'm not doing much better with my E machine but if you give up the windows reinstall idea these computers work great with linux Unbuntu It's amazingly fast. Put a few WINE programs on and you will be a happy camper. MIGHT EVEN GET IT TO PLAY NEXFLIX ps so no nexflix better keep the old xp laptop for that


Civil Justice Initiative is researching a class action suit against eMachines, a Gateway Inc. product.

In the circumstance at issue a consumer purchased an eMachine EL1352G-01w for $298 which crashed in just 17 days. Acer support (included with the warranty) repeatedly lied to and deceived the purchaser as well as failed to live up to their 7 day return policy when the product had to be sent in to their repair center in Texas. This is alleged to be in violation of their warranty and service agreement. Civil Justice Initiative is seeking statements from individuals with similar experiences to help establish the fact that these "cheaper" model computers are composed of substandard components and designed to break down.

These substandard products are generally sold to the lower income class who is less likely to be able to pursue legal action so we'd like to do something about that. If you've had a similar experience with an eMachine, Acer, or Gateway PC please visit our site at www.civiljusticeinitiative.org for more information or to provide a statement.

The article on this matter is to the immediate right at our Home Page. -Thank You


By software I assume you mean a copy of the operating system and, in your case, MS Vista Home.

Just about all new computers these days do not come with recovery discs. This is to keep costs down which is passed onto you. When a new computer is first switched on a prompt will come up telling your to burn your own recovery discs. A simple program then guides you through the process. You must have several blank DVD discs on hand to do this. It should be done at first start-up because any programs you have installed afterwards will also be burned to your recovery discs and you will end up having to use a lot of blank discs. All you want on your recovery disc is the basic operating system.

I'm sure that if you had read the manual that came with your computer, it would have told you to burn your own.

Emachines will have to send you a recovery disc for your computer and they can charge you for that.

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